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Bahrain Overview

Bahrain is a fine holiday destination that regales the rovers with a wonderful entourage of glittery offerings that mish-mashes the best of eastern and western cultures. It is an archipelago of 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf that's luxurious, modern and cosmopolitan, and represents its verve though its capital city, Manama. The limited expanse holds within massive delights that belie the length of Bahrain. People who are willing to invest money on flight tickets and hotel stays would be regaled with astonishing ancient burial mounds, forts and craft markets. The multicultural flair is likely to appeal to the fancies of art and culture aficionados.

Top Destinations in Bahrain

Bahrain has enough sightseeing lures for those visiting the country. The country has a string of wonderful museums and interesting archaeological sites, with the capital city Manama housing a good portion of these gems. The National Museum is a huge hit with tourists getting hold of air tickets to Bahrain and landing in Manama. The Heritage Centre, Oil Museum and Koran House are other prominent lures that engulf the fancies of keen rovers keeping foot on the shores of the land. Suq Al-Khamis Mosque, Barbar Temple and Qal'at Aby Mahir are few other avenues that have earned an enviable reputation among travellers.

Flight Tickets to Bahrain

Bahrain is well connected to all parts of the world. Different global carriers link the country's key airport with all major airports of the globe, be it via nonstop services or direct flights. From the United Kingdom, dozens of airlines offer tickets to the UK's busiest airport London Heathrow. Bahrain's Gulf Air and the UK's British Airways are the two most preferred operators, being the national airlines of respective countries. Both operators offer scheduled services on the route, with both direct and indirect flights available. Other major airlines that serve the Bahrain-London Heathrow route are Oman Air, Egyptair and Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Bahrain Quick Travel Facts

Geography: Bahrain is an archipelago in the Middle East located in the west of Persian Gulf flanked by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with UAE in the close neighbourhood.

Capital: Manama

Key Holiday Destinations: Manama (Museums), Muharraq (traditional houses), Hawar Islands (bird watching), Sa'ar (prehistoric burial grounds), Bahrain World Trade Centre etc

Popular Airports: Bahrain International Airport (BAH)

Popular Airlines: Gulf Air is the national airline with hub at Bahrain International Airport

Language: Arabic is the official language of Bahrain; English and Persian are spoken and understood widely.

Time Zone: UTC +3

Popular Holidays: Sightseeing, Beach, Culture and history, Adventure, Shopping, Sports holidays, Bahrain Grand Prix

British High commission: British Embassy
21 Government Avenue
P O Box 114 Manama 306

Best Time to Visit Bahrain

Weather-wise, the best time to visit Bahrain is the winter season (November to February). The climatic conditions are cool and very favourable for outdoor sightseeing and other tourist-centric activities. Cheap flights to Bahrain may not be easily available during the peak holiday season as demand is high. Summer (May to July) can be hot and humid and must be avoided by those who are looking to board Bahrain bound flights for a wonderful holiday experience. Cheap flights, however, are easily available during the off-season. Tourists may also want to avoid planning Bahrain vacations during Ramadan as many public restrictions are obligatory.

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